Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Print your own Furby Buddy Faceplate!

Fresh Furby over on Instagram has created a CAD (computer aided design) file for a buddy faceplate, meaning we can 3D print buddies! We are very excited for this project, as it means anyone with access to a 3D printer who wants to create some odd-body furbs (or the popular Long Furby) doesn't have to hunt down a 50$ buddy off ebay, only to dismantle it for the faceplate. This is very exciting stuff!! Click the link below to download the file!

Download: 1998_Furby_Buddy_Faceplate.zip
Source: Fresh Furby, FurbyFelony

Monday, 28 January 2019

London Toy Fair, No Show For New Furby

You may of read our post a few days ago about a hopeful new Furby range for 2019. Unfortunately nothing was announced at the recent London Toy Fair, and we are left wondering why Hasbro included a Furby teaser in their emerging brands investor presentation. Was it just a mistake?

Well there is still a chance this could happen as we await the upcoming New York Toy Fair on the 16th-19th February this year. You may remember the awesome Furbacca was announced at the very same toy fair way back in 2015, something no-one expected to happen, so there is still hope. After Hasbro outright ignoring Furby's 20th Anniversary, lets hope they haven't forgotten about our lovable Furry friends. We would love to see the original 1998 Furby generations revived. How about you guys?

Furbacca at the New York Toy Fair 2015

Monday, 21 January 2019

A Long Shot or a New Range of Furbys Heading for 2019?

It seems the Hasbro investor presentation has some possible interesting News for Furby fans. Check the picture snippet above and tell us what you see. Yes that is correct, Furby is listed as an emerging brand!

Could this mean that Hasbro is coming up with a new Furby range for 2019? Furby Connect was released in 2016, so my question is, why did Hasbro have Furby in their presentation towards the end of 2018 when as we all know, Furby's haven't been sold in any stores for some time now?

Let's not get too excited though, we may just be grasping at straws here, but it's definitely something to think about. London's Toy Fair runs from tomorrow 22nd January until Thursday the 24th of January. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a new line of Furbys!

Source: https://investor.hasbro.com

News About May May, The Mysterious Pink Rainbow Furby!

Today I have some fantastic News regarding the mystery of the Pink Rainbow Furby!
After my post about May May, I decided to do some detective work. I thought to myself there 'has' to be more information somewhere online about this unusual Furby, After a lot of dead links and perseverance, I have found exactly what I was looking for!

Wayback Machine
is a website that archives old websites for preservation and internet history. If you type in www.furby.com in your browser today, it will forward you to the current Hasbro website, but back in 1999 and 2000, it was a very different website with a mountain of information about our loveable Furbys!

As you can see from the picture above, this is what the original Furby website looked like. From that page I clicked 'News Update' which took me to another page with the important information I was looking for.

Design-Your-Own-Furby Sweepstakes was a competition sponsored by 'Post'.
Post or Post Consumer Brands (previously also known as Post Cereals and Postum Cereals) is an American consumer cereal brand who along with Tiger ran the competition from November the 9th 1999 until August the 1st 2000. Advertising the competition on the back of cereal boxes (Cocoa Pebbles, Oreo 'Os, Fruity Pebbles, Honey-Comb, as well as others). Children were asked to colour in a Furby picture and submit their entry via post by the 1st of August 2000, after which the top 12 submissions would be placed on the Furby website and the public were asked to vote for a winner, who would then receive the grand prize of a 'Trip to Tiger’s Furby studio', and the chance to design their very own Furby!

November 9, 1999 - Post-branded products (including cereals Cocoa Pebbles, Honey Comb and Oreo-O’s as well as Jell-O yoghurt) carry entry forms for Post’s “DESIGN YOUR OWN FURBY” contest. See Post products for complete details. Note that the lucky winner of Post’s contest will get to design a REAL Furby. Visit the “Games” section of the Furby web site to play new online games inspired by Hi-C and Post.

August 1, 2000 - Post Finalists Posted! The 12 finalists in Post’s Design-Your-Own-Furby sweepstakes have been selected. Kids from across the country have submitted drawings of their ideal Furby to Post for the past several months. The sweepstakes has been featured on a variety of Post’s top-selling cereals, including Honey Comb and Oreo-O’s. Post has now randomly chosen 12 submissions to compete for the grand prize: a trip to Tiger’s Furby studio, where the lucky winner will design a real Furby. To vote for your favourite Furby design, click here.

If you click the link above, it takes you to this page which shows all the Furby pictures that have been coloured in by the lucky children who made it into the randomly chosen 12 submissions.
Let's take a good look at all of these, aren't they lovely? But let's pay attention to one particular picture in the bottom right corner. Look familiar? Yes that's right, it's May May! the pink Rainbow Furby! :-)

So it turns out that this is in fact an official Furby-Tiger Release! (some doubted this on AdoptaFurby Forum). I wonder if 'Brittany from Missouri' still has her Rainbow Furby? Also were any of the other 12 entries created?

As far as I know, there are only two Rainbow Furby's in existence. The one that I own, and the other one the original seller (maybe) still has? After some more detective work, I found out the other rainbow Furby had a highest bid of $525.00 before the seller chose to end the auction early! I can only guess they had a change of heart and wanted to keep it.

I really hope my good friend who bought me May May, didn't pay so much money for her, thankfully it was a present, so I will never know.

So there you have it, the Rainbow Furby Mystery has been solved and another official Furby has been added to the database. Stay tuned for more interesting News from Hey Furby website! ;-)

Saturday, 19 January 2019

How Many Rainbow Furby's Are There?

Hello Furby Fans! To start off our new blog, I thought I would write about a very interesting Furby in our collection. I do not know her Furby name as I have never switched her on, she is still attached to the cardboard base from the factory. We decided to name her May May, which means Love ;-)
A good friend found May May on Ebay America and I have never seen another furby like her. A while ago I posted about May May on a furby forum to try and find out some information about her, but no one there had ever seen or heard of this furby. I'm not sure which generation she is, if she is a prototype, limited edition or something very special. She has all tags present and looks to be an Official Furby Release.

Looking at the photo you will see she has rainbow eyelashes and a purple face plate, unlike any other furby. She also has rainbow pattern ears, mane and belly.

Her colours are amazing and I wonder if there are any more around like her. We will always treasure May May and hope to eventually find out more information about her. Stay tuned!

Click here for photos: May May

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