Monday 28 January 2019

London Toy Fair, No Show For New Furby

You may of read our post a few days ago about a hopeful new Furby range for 2019. Unfortunately nothing was announced at the recent London Toy Fair, and we are left wondering why Hasbro included a Furby teaser in their emerging brands investor presentation. Was it just a mistake?

Well there is still a chance this could happen as we await the upcoming New York Toy Fair on the 16th-19th February this year. You may remember the awesome Furbacca was announced at the very same toy fair way back in 2015, something no-one expected to happen, so there is still hope. After Hasbro outright ignoring Furby's 20th Anniversary, lets hope they haven't forgotten about our lovable Furry friends. We would love to see the original 1998 Furby generations revived. How about you guys?

Furbacca at the New York Toy Fair 2015

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